On The Vine – January 2015


Welcome to Musica Viva’s 70th birthday!

Three years ago the outstanding Canadian chamber orchestra, Tafelmusik, performed The Galileo Project around Australia for Musica Viva. It was not widely known then that, just before arriving here, the orchestra had premiered its brand new multimedia project, House of Dreams. These two shows are such remarkable achievements in musical stagecraft that we wasted no time in ensuring that the new production would be back in Australia to help us launch our special birthday year.

Instead of looking outward to the stars like its predecessor, House of Dreams looks inward to the junction of Baroque music and art, by visiting historic homes where compositions by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, and Marais are heard against a backdrop of paintings by their visual art contemporaries, Vermeer, Canaletto and Watteau. This magical journey through five historic European houses is illustrated by glorious images of the paintings and their locations, and narrated by Canadian actor Blair Williams. Like Galileo before it, House of Dreams was devised by the group’s double-bass player Alison Mackay, and delves into the philosophy, society and sensibility that gave life to the music of the time.

Tafelmusik was formed 36 years ago, and for 33 of those years has been directed by violinist and leader Jeanne Lamon. In 2014 Jeanne stepped down as Music Director, but still continues as Chief Artistic Advisor, and will perform with the orchestra on this tour. As Jeanne says, “It is quite likely…that this will be my last tour with Tafelmusik to Australia. I hope it won’t be, because it’s just about my favourite place on earth!”

Carl Vine AO
Artistic Director

Tafelmusik’s ‘House of Dreams’ will tour Australia 19 February – 14 March 2015. For more information, and to book your tickets, please visit; www.musicaviva.com.au/tafelmusik


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One response to “On The Vine – January 2015”

  1. David & Johanna Thwaites van der Valk says :

    We look forward to this, which reminds us and may be of interest to you, of a special concerts series every year in August in the Hortus (Botanical Gardens) in several Dutch towns. They develop themes like Cafe Erarde (the French piano make) with Lizt, Debussy, Chopin etc. around the table.

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