What I’m looking forward to in Musica Viva’s 2015 season

Maxim VengerovWhat am I looking forward to in Musica Viva’s 2015 season? In these kinds of articles one is generally discouraged from saying “everything,” which makes my life difficult, as I’m genuinely looking forward to all that next year has to offer.

If I am to choose some highlights, then I cannot help but start with our 70th anniversary gala program featuring violinist Maxim Vengerov. To me the program reads like a roll-call of violinists’ favourite works, but here’s the catch – I’ve heard very few of these works performed live at the highest level. Bach and Kreisler are staples of the student violinist repertoire, and such glorious fun to play, so how much more exciting to hear them performed by a real live professional!

In our International Concert Season Tafelmusik promises a special start to the year, with their beautifully programmed and presented House of Dreams. Having heard them on two previous occasions I also can’t wait to welcome back the Eggner Trio, who always look so joyful on stage, and are impeccably charming off it. Speaking of charm, I distinctly remember the Modigliani Quartet’s stylish and elegant performance of the Debussy Quartet on their last tour, so it will be interesting to see what they bring to Westlake’s String Quartet no 2 on this tour. And we can’t go past string quartets without mentioning the Goldner Quartet, whose playing I have long admired, celebrating their 20th anniversary next year, performing a new work by Paul Stanhope no less!

In the Musica Viva Festival the obvious drawcard for many will be cellist Mischa Maisky; and I’m certainly looking forward to hearing him perform some of the Bach Cello Suites. But I’m also eager to hear Alexandar Madžar again, having delighted in his playing, and his company, at the 2012 Huntington Estate Music Festival. And there are plenty of performers I’m looking forward to hearing for the first time, including Bella Hristova, Nicolas Altstaedt, and the Doric String Quartet.

These are just some of the things I’m looking forward to, but no doubt there will be many new discoveries along the way. I think we can safely say 2015 will be a happy birthday for Musica Viva.

Daina Kains
Operations Coordinator

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