On the Vine – September 2014 – Borodin Quartet

Borodin SQThe Borodin Quartet was founded in the same year as Musica Viva, 1945, and shares the same ideals of preserving the finest musical tradition while constantly renewing itself. Although its first cellist, Mstislav Rostropovich, lasted only a few weeks, the principle of longevity was clearly established by his successor, Valentin Berlinsky, who remained the group’s cellist for the next 62 years. The current cellist, Vladimir Balshin, was Valentin’s star pupil.

The group’s members obviously have great affinity for their fellow Russian composers, and music by Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky figures prominently in the tour program. The group famously collaborated with Shostakovich on each of his quartets, but never finished up giving a premiere performance or receiving a dedication from the great composer. The Eighth Quartet is particularly poignant for the players, as it not only honours the victims of Fascism, but is also the composer’s reflection on his own situation under oppressive rule. The Eleventh Quartet, not nearly as well known, is set in seven continuous movements – a complex work exploring the absence of joy.

Tchaikovsky’s Second Quartet is a powerful, wide-ranging and immediately appealing work that provides a fine conclusion to the first program. The second program closes with Schubert’s famous quartet ‘Death and the Maiden’ – one of the monumental mainstays of the chamber music canon.

Carl Vine AO
Artistic Director

The Borodin Quartet tour Australia 22 September – 14 October. For more information on the Borodin Quartet, and to book your tickets, please visit; www.musicaviva.com.au/borodin


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