Melbourne Recital Centre Turns Five


The Melbourne Recital Centre seemed to spring up fully formed while I was living in Germany. Now I feel like it’s always been there, this perfect chamber music venue with its intricate wooden panelling and pin-drop acoustics. But when I think of the MRC, it’s not the look or the sound of the place that spring to mind. Instead, it’s the staff.

I’ve known them for just over a year and they always make me smile, even on the busiest day. Once they drew faces on our helium balloons at stage door. Another time, I spotted an usher tap dancing in the foyer when no one was looking. The front of house people bring us cake and the box office team can smile through 97 lost ticket requests in a row. They’ve named their ticket printers after dancers – just ask them, it’s true! Then there’s the lady who comes out with a machine that looks like a jetpack during every Coffee Concert and patiently vacuums up all the cake crumbs, never grumbling that there are so many.

Working with the backstage crew is a luxury. They think of everything, so you know your artists will always have beautiful dressing rooms and a choice of Steinways to play on. I’ll always remember the time they helped us manoeuvre a harpsichord through the building and stopped us from dropping it on our toes.

So happy anniversary, Melbourne Recital Centre team – it’s a joy to work with you all!

– Adele Schonhardt



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