Carl Vine Celebrates 13 Years as Musica Viva Australia’s Artistic Director

Today marks the 13th anniversary of Carl Vine’s tenure as Artistic Director of Musica Viva Australia!

Musica Viva’s first Artistic Director was Richard Goldner, whose main focus was as the driving force behind the Muscia Viva Players (as a quartet and then as quintet) with which the organisation began in 1945, and based its activities on until the early 1950’s.

After a brief recess, Musica Viva Australia emerged as a concert presenter of international and Australian musicians, none of whom were engaged permanently by Musica Viva Australia.

Artistic direction was achieved by a combination of General Managers – Donald MacDonald, Kim Williams, Phillip Henry – and committees  – led by Charles Berg, Ken Tribe and local presidents, all of whom had a large say in the selection of artists and repertoire.

The separation into General Manager and Artistic Director began in the early 1990’s. There was a period of about 8 years when the role moved around, partly led by in house staff including Christopher Lawrence and Phillip Sametz, and partly with the external artistic direction of William “Bill” Lyne.

This changed in 1999 when we entered negotiations to merge with the Australian Chamber Orchestra.  Out of those negotiations, Musica Viva Australia emerged revitalised in its purpose, and looking for a similarly focused Artistic Director.

Enter Carl Vine – long renowned for his skills as a performer, especially of contemporary repertoire (Flederman, etc) and as a composer (Piano Sonata No. 1, Sonata for Piano Four Hands, and many, many more).

It’s been a series of amazing changes and rebirths since then, and at the end of a successful 2013 International Concerts Season, Musica Viva Festival, and on the eve of Huntington Estate Music Festival, it is something for which we can all be grateful!

Happy Anniversary Carl.

–          Mary Jo Capps

This post has been adapted from a staff email Mary Jo Capps sent to the staff of the organisation and is not a comprehensive history of Musica Viva. 


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One response to “Carl Vine Celebrates 13 Years as Musica Viva Australia’s Artistic Director”

  1. Ron Bell says :

    As a member of the audience I congratulate and thank you for your contribution to our musical riches.

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