Interview with Morgenstern Trio – part 3

MVA Morgenstern TrioThe Morgenstern Trio will be joined by Australian violist Christopher Moore for Mahler’s piano quartet, another rare work – in this case because the composer is known almost exclusively for his symphonic music.

“It is symphonic, and epic in length,” says Hempel. “It’s like an ocean, a long landscape. I think it’s a very strong piece.”

Also on the programme for Australia is Schumann’s piano quartet, a work the players say German concert organisers often shy away from for fear that audiences might find it too complex.

“It’s not played so often, but it’s an absolute masterpiece,” says Wehse. “I think the third movement is one of those examples of music as an incredible universal language, and everyone in the world will understand it immediately.”

The trio also looks forward to playing the music of Ross Edwards, whom Hempel encountered when he played in a New Zealand violin competition. It’s the kind of connection that the trio finds a normal part of what they consider to be an international identity.

“As a French person, I’ve spent a long time in Germany, and of course we play a lot of German music, but we’re also very happy to play French music,” says Klipfel.

“Of course my roots are somehow in Germany,” Wehse adds. “But I find it hard to think in national dimensions. I studied with a Korean guy. I don’t think music has borders. I don’t know if you could say we have a German sound. I would love it if people thought we had the Morgenstern sound!”

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