Q&A with Emanuel Wehse of the Morgenstern Trio

Emanuel Wehse

Emanuel Wehse

How would you best describe the relationship between the three of you?
The relationship is something between being like a colleague and a friend. Sometimes source of anger, mostly source of inspiration.

You spend a lot of time together. How important is it that members of a professional music group like each other?
There are some groups where the players obviously don’t like each other at all, but this is not our understanding of being a chamber music group. We are more than just the professional part in the lives of the others. At the hotel, we mostly take breakfast together, and like it.

What form of chamber music do you most enjoy?
The Piano trio is a wonderful combination of having the possibility to play as a soloist, but your partners are always with you, they inspire you and you are never alone. You have the possibility to bring out the whole world of the composers in this very special language.

Apart from playing spectacularly, what else is it about the three of you that makes the Morgenstern Trio work so well?
Hard to answer. All we do is trying to work as much as possible on the works to find a similar language, to find our language.

How did you choose the repertoire?
When Musica Viva gave us the idea of playing with Chris, we immediately thought about this wonderful masterpiece by Schumann. Mahler and Beethoven are also pieces we feel very close to. Especially Beethoven is one of our favourites (playing the whole cycle for the first time last year in Germany was so exciting!). The piece of Edwards we didn’t know before, that was a proposal from Musica Viva.

Do you ever suffer from stage fright?
We know this condition, but we try to transform it to a special concentration on stage. Sometimes it happens, for example last week we played the Beethoven Triple Concerto for Princess Astrid of Belgium.


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