2013 Musica Viva Festival concludes

Lambert Orkis

Lambert Orkis

Much has happened over the past four days at the 2013 Musica Viva Festival. Masterclasses, concerts, seminars and more. There were musical highlights aplenty, for this writer including (but not limited to) the Brahms Piano Quartet, Mendelssohn Piano Trio, Bach Partita in E major and Mendelssohn Octet.

We heard musical musings from Lambert Orkis and viola jokes from Dene Olding. Andrew Ford compared a festival to speed dating: both throw strangers together for short periods of time to see what connections can be made. Emma Ayres encouraged one and all to try a cello. Violins were played, examined, and a few even sold at the Treasures of Cremona exhibition. Ironwood enthralled many with their discussion of historical approaches to the music of Brahms, followed by a performance on period instruments which was appreciated by all, even if opinions were divided on which approach was preferred.

Pacifica Quartet

Pacifica Quartet

The musicians of the AYO’s Chamber Players program worked hard all week delivering heartfelt and inspiring performances. The rapport with their tutors was clearly evident, and it was not uncommon to see students lining up at stage door to congratulate their mentors following a performance.

If you missed this year’s Musica Viva Festival, or would like to relive it, make sure to visit Musica Viva on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for plenty of photos and commentary. Check out ABC Classic FM’s website too, where you can listen again to concerts, find out about the Festival digital radio station, and find more photos and articles.

We hope you can join us at the next Musica Viva Festival in 2015!


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