Interview with Karin Schaupp

Karin Schaupp

Karin Schaupp

How will this program differ from your previous tours?
Every project is different and for me this is the first time I have done a duo collaboration with another guitarist since I was at university- so quite a long time!

What are you looking forward to playing most with Pavel? Why?
I am most looking forward to playing the first half of the concert on our 19th century guitars. They are very special little instruments and they bring the repertoire of that time to life.

How many guitars do you own?
Trade secret, but not as many as you might expect – they don’t come cheaply!

Which is your favourite?
I love them all. I’d have to say my main modern classical guitar is my favourite. It was built by Jim Redgate in Adelaide and it’s a cedar wave top.

When did you know you wanted to be a professional musician?
As long as I can remember, from my very earliest memories.

If you were not a musician what would you be?
An actor.

Stevie Nicks throws back a shot of vodka, Coldplay’s Chris Martin brushes his teeth – do you have a pre-performance ritual?
I like to meditate, however briefly, just to find my inner focus and make contact with my intent for the performance and why I am going on stage. I also have a healthy meal and drink a lot of water as it helps me to concentrate.

Favourite travel destination?
This might sound strange as I’ve been privileged to see so much of the world, but my favourite place is Fraser Island. Of course I love the great cities but in the end natural beauty wins out for me.

Last album you bought?
The Assad Brothers playing one of the pieces Pavel and I are working on.

Finish the sentence: The future for classical music is…
Exciting. Classical music has had an elite and limited audience throughout history and in fact I think today we are in a better position than ever to bring it to the masses.

I am currently pretty obsessed with photography and cooking – both very family friendly hobbies.


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