Carl Vine on Karin Schaupp & Pavel Steidl

Karin Schaupp & Pavel Steidl

Karin Schaupp & Pavel Steidl

I aim to include in the International Concert Season every year something surprising, a bit out of the ordinary, or at the very least unexpected. Although guitars have popped up here and there in the season over the last decade, they haven’t truly featured since 2002, and it seemed high time to focus intently on this extraordinarily ubiquitous instrument.

It was also high time to feature Australian guitar virtuoso Karin Schaupp, so we approached her with the idea of touring with another guitarist, offering her a list of other notable classical players whom she might relish working with. She responded half a beat later with a surprising recommendation – Czech master Pavel Steidl, who at the time was unknown to everyone at Musica Viva.

In 2002, Pavel Steidl was a special guest at the Darwin International Guitar Festival. He impressed all of the attendees with his finesse and artistry, including Karin, and emerged literally as the “guitarists’ guitarist”. It transpired later that Karin had equally impressed Pavel, and so our perfect guitar duo was born.

The history of music for two guitars is astonishingly rich, and surprisingly little known, boasting among its most ardent participants some of the colossuses of classical music including Paganini, Berlioz, Rossini, Schubert, and Chopin. Most of us know that the composers Granados and Albeniz wrote a good deal of music for guitar, but are unaware that one of Rossini’s favourite pastimes was playing guitar duets. You will be amazed to discover the name of his regular duo partner!

To integrate this fascinating story into a compelling stage presentation, we called on Martin Buzacott, prodigiously diverse music administrator and award-winning novelist, to flesh out the combined knowledge of Karin and Pavel with original research and a professional perspective on the drama of the narrative. Although primarily a recital, this concert is also part history lesson, and part of a rare glimpse into the private world of two master guitarists.

Carl Vine
Artistic Director


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