Anthony Marwood & Aleksandar Madžar: “a musical soul connection”

There is something special in the partnership of Anthony Marwood and Aleksandar Madžar, a “musical soul connection” as Marwood describes it. “Somehow you feel that the other person brings out something in yourself that you didn’t quite know was there, they have a magic effect on you.”

Friends and musical collaborators for over twenty years, Marwood and Madžar began playing regularly three years ago, when “it all seemed very natural and without being forced.” “Anthony’s playing is very complete and layered”, says Madžar, “the emotional expressivity is there, but he also knows how to use his head and there’s a certain physicality and power.” For Marwood, Madžar’s playing is “extraordinarily natural, with a deep sense of architecture and a brilliance without display for the sake of it.”

It’s fitting that the performers have chosen works which are notable for the equality of the demands made on them. Beethoven redefined the parameters of chamber music with his tour-de-force ‘Kreutzer’ Sonata while Schubert’s Fantasie, like his better-known ‘Wanderer Fantasy’, roams across melodies and emotions on a huge scale. Debussy’s Sonata, his last completed work, is similarly adventurous for its time, but in a very different way. Featured Composer Gordon Kerry was inspired by the news that scientists had confirmed snow on Mars, and created a piece whose beauty is appropriately calm and cool.

These artists create a unique atmosphere of shared intimacy with the audience. For Marwood, “stepping onto the concert platform is a balance between being thoroughly prepared and really letting go and creating something in a fresh way.”


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