The gift of music: Kim Williams

Kim Williams AM

For the man with the biggest job in the Australian media, News Limited boss Kim Williams, music is a constant thread in a busy life.

Showing early promise as a composer, Kim studied in Italy with Luciano Berio and Cathy Berberian, cut his teeth in management with Musica Viva Australia and found that the driver to his day was to get things done. Kim certainly achieved this as CEO of Foxtel and as current Chairman of the Sydney Opera House Trust, and promises new directions now as Chief Executive of News Limited.

Kim has diverse interests, yet he remains loyal and committed to his passion for serious classical music. He describes chamber music as ‘music of almost sublime intimacy and intensity which goes to the heartland of music as a shared experience between composer, performers and audience.’

Viola players will greatly anticipate this addition to the much loved canon of viola quintet repertoire: Kim Williams has supported Gordon Kerry’s new viola quintet, commissioned for this tour by the Kuss Quartet and Naoko Shimizu. Nine different audiences will hear the work over the course of the tour.

Kim Williams has previously supported a variety of Musica Viva commissions, including a string quartet commission by Paul Stanhope, performed in 2010 by the Pavel Haas Quartet, another by Julian Yu and a third by Graeme Koehne. He is supporting another string quartet by Ross Edwards to be performed in 2014 in the memory of Ken Tribe. Kim has reviewed Gordon Kerry’s new work and likes it very much – ‘I relish the prospect of hearing his beautiful imaginings realised in live performances.’

Kim is ardent in his commitment to new work. ‘All art is only as strong as the new work actively being created, which provides a fresh perspective and voice from our own time and our own social settings. New work is the most fundamental aspect of healthy artistic practice and we forget it at our peril.’


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