Interview with Enigma Quartet’s Marianne Broadfoot

Recently we spoke to the Enigma Quartet’s Marianne Broadfoot. The Enigma Quartet is one of Musica Viva‘s 2012 Rising Stars ensembles, performing at The Standard this Saturday 11 August.

Enigma Quartet

How did the four of you meet and become the Enigma Quartet?
We did quartet speed dating and just clicked. No really, we’d been freelancing and working in the same orchestras but we united with Rowena in 2011 for the Musica Viva Chamber Music Award and never looked back.

You performed with Musica Viva in the pop-up space at The Rocks earlier this year. How did you find the experience of playing in a small informal space?
We loved it! It felt very relaxed, as though we were communicating intimately with the audience. It’s great to bring live chamber music out of the concert hall and into the city’s urban spaces.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Right now we’re listening to a lot of music for our upcoming September concerts, beautiful quartets by Mendelssohn, Sallinen and Debussy. But we’re always listening out for new works we’d love to perform. On our road trips we squabble over Triple J, Shelley’s mix tapes of Laura Marling and Goat Rodeo Sessions, Row’s Mozart’s Requiem CD and Kerry’s wish for silence.

Is your focus only on classical music, or do you experiment with different genres?
We’re interested in a diverse range of musical styles and collaborative projects and have been lucky enough to work with some amazing contemporary pop and rock artists. We’re currently working on the possibility of combining music with visual imagery in a multi-media project. Having said that, the majority of our own rehearsal time is dedicated to classical music.

Who inspires you?
We have a huge crush on Geraldine from the Takacs Quartet right now after our fabulous masterclass! We also have huge amounts of respect and admiration for the Goldner Quartet who have managed to maintain over many years a world-class string quartet with individual careers and family commitments.

What does the remainder of 2012 hold for the Enigma Quartet?
We’re looking forward to the next two concerts in our subscription series, both in Sydney at the Con and in Port Macquarie at the Glasshouse, getting our teeth stuck into lots of terrific repertoire. We’re also enjoying performing lunchtime concerts at the Wayside Chapel and Sacred Heart at St. Vincent’s.


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  1. allansbillyhyde says :

    My sister and I adore the Enigma quatet so much. I have a big time crush on them and my sister just loves them to death

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