Interview with Amarcord – part 3

Amarcord’s five members thoroughly enjoy touring together, insist that laughter is their most effective medicine for warding off ill health on the road, and appreciate the shared responsibility and self-discipline that they trace back to their choirboy years. They remain proud Leipzigers. The city, they say, has both its own musical sound – a particular warmth and blend related to the flourishing Romantic period there – and its own unique civic cultural pride, a product of the city’s longstanding rivalry with neighbouring Dresden. Dresden’s Royal Court funded its orchestra and opera house; in Leipzig, it was the citizens themselves who organised and funded their cultural institutions. And it worked. ‘The people of Leipzig really understand that music belongs to life, like eating, drinking and sleeping,’ says Wolfram Lattke.

‘When I was younger, and realising how rich the city is culturally, it grew a special kind of pride inside me to see, oh, Schumann and Mendelssohn were here, and of course Bach,’ remembers Krause. ‘We can live here, we work here, we breathe air that is full of music – you feel it. We are citizens. It’s also a responsibility – you do it because you MUST do it. You can and you must.’

When they are not singing, planning, or spending time with their families, Amarcord’s members claim to like nothing more than to kick a soccer ball between them. ‘We function as a team, also,’ says Knauft.

‘We also have goals which we want to achieve,’ adds Krause. ‘And we remember the last game in the World Cup – Germany against Australia. Excuse us for beating you. But it was a very nice game.’

Amarcord remembers that when the boys of the St Thomas’ Choir used to play against their rivals in Dresden’s Kreuzchor, it was the Dresdeners who usually won. ‘One important thing was said after we lost every game,’ recalls Martin Lattke: ‘We might have lost the game, but we can sing better! That was comforting.’

Shirley Apthorp © 2011


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