“A concert by the Takács Quartet is an unmissable event”

A concert by the Takács Quartet is an unmissable event on any calendar. Formed in 1975, and recently described by the Boston Globe as “at the peak of its powers – the peak of its profession,” the Takács Quartet is on top of the chamber music world.

Years of playing and touring together have made the group a rock-solid team that thinks as one. For violist Geraldine Walther, “The tradition of being lively, interesting, imaginative and vital is something we all agree on.” That they are fine musicians goes without saying. But in every concert, their individual personalities – compatible but distinct – create eddies of difference, leading to an overarching atmosphere of spontaneity.

Who better, then, to lead us through the folk music-inspired world of Janáček, or down the atmospheric paths of Britten? The spirit of exploration also commands a journey through Gordon Kerry’s witty Variations. After such adventures, the familiar and beloved landmarks of Debussy and Ravel are seen with fresh eyes. “What we always enjoy is bringing out the emotional, romantic, melodic elements in any work,” says cellist András Fejér.

The Takács Quartet is accustomed to hearing a swell of applause when it walks on stage. What sets it apart from other ensembles is that the cheers after the concert are also tinged with affection. When it’s time to take a bow, the audience feels they know each player personally: each musician seems to have been a friendly guide along shared pathways of extraordinary repertoire.


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