Trio Dali – Just the right ingredients

Just the right ingredients
BOCS Scene

Christian-Pierre la Marca doesn’t have a lot of time for activities outside music, but being a Frenchman makes him passionate about something else which is equally delicious.

The 28-year-old French cellist practises for between five and six hours each day, plays sport regularly and keeps up with the latest movies.

“Most importantly, I love everything around cooking and eating,” Christian-Pierre says. “I have a lot of tradition around food and I think I’m a real Frenchman for that. Like the rest of the country, I like to take a lot of time with my meals.

“I’m trying to get a new perspective on food which is related to music in the way that it’s communication. Playing music is all about balance and ingredients that you put together. If there’s too much salt or sugar it destroys everything. And just like music it has to be fresh.”

Like the surprise of a new dish, coming together with the other members of Trio Dali wasn’t something the musician was ever looking for.

“Like in life, you want something – well, you want a lot of things – but life has given us this. I was lucky in my life to meet some people I had a strong connection to play music with. We have that strong connection as human beings too. That’s what created the trio.

“When we met we wanted to see each other as people. It was a question of friendship first. After spending some time together we thought maybe we should play music together. Now it’s six years later.”

The trio’s tour, featuring a program of Ravel, Schubert and Kerry, will be Christian-Pierre’s first visit to Australia and he says it’s amazing that he’s actually travelling this far. “When you’re young you always dream of being able to go to Australia because it’s just so far from France that you hope maybe one day. We are very excited to be visiting.”


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