Trio Dali: What’s in a name?

A fun fact for a Friday: Trio Dali named itself not after the painter, but for a type of Chines marble, which when carved denotes both beauty and strength. The material is progressively and fastidiously carved to produce works of art. This work, this thoughtful and creative shaping, reflects the Trio’s essential musical values.

A Dali marble vase

Cellist Christian-Pierre La Marca says, “You work on the marble to make it a piece of art, something very precious. Our idea was to take this symbolism and describe what we want to do with the music, transforming the score into something equally precious.”

Says violinist Vineta Sareika, “It took us a long time to find the right name for the ensemble. The Dali marble was interesting for us because of its beauty and the parallel with the music making process. To get jewelry from a rough dali stone you need to take time to work hard and take care about every millimetre of the material – it’s like when you see a piece of music for the first time – it’s just the rough material – you will need hours and hours to build it, to think about the construction and the interpretation of the piece. And at the end you have a hope to get a masterpiece. That’s the symbolism of our name.”


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  1. Paul says :

    Where is the information on the program???

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