Diana Doherty: making music and making it fun

Diana Doherty is perhaps best known as Principle Oboe of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, a position she has held since 1997. Her diverse career has, however, included solo engagements, chamber music and teaching as well as orchestral work.

Ten years ago Diana toured Australia for Musica Viva with the Belcea Quartet. Since then she has performed regularly for Musica Viva, including our CountryWide, Coffee Concert and Menage series. So it was interesting for us to read Diana’s thoughts about touring in a recent interview with Shirley Apthorp. “As a student I always had the feeling that for an Australian to be touring the cities for Musica Viva was a real mark of achievement. And so it’s something that I really appreciate and relish and hope to live up to.”

Something that is often remarked upon is Diana’s physicality during performance. Ross Edwards used this as inspiration to incorporate choreography in his oboe concerto, written for and premiered by Diana Doherty in 2002. Diana clearly enjoys music and performance, and audiences often comment how nice it is to see musicians enjoying themselves. When asked what she hopes the audience will discover from the music in her tour program with the St Lawrence String Quartet, Diana replies:

“That playing classical music is fun. That it can be of a high quality – the music itself – and the performance can be of high quality – but at the same time completely accessible and not excluding anybody. Sometimes you get that feeling that something is terribly serious and takes itself terribly seriously to the point that some people may feel a little bit excluded by it. I would hate anybody to feel like that. I want everybody to feel that they’re part of the performance as much as we are. That’s what a concert is about – it’s about creating a moment, all of us together, and creating a vibe in the hall. Making that connection with the audience. Making the audience feel like they’re part of it.”


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