Musica Viva 2012 International Concert Season

Music in its infinite variety moves us in ways mysteriously unlike any other form of human interaction. It can remind us of half-remembered images, words in sequence or disarray, textures, tastes and inchoate patterns, or evoke the subtlest imaginable shades of emotion that have rushed past for a moment, almost unperceived, never to be seen again.

Classical music wraps all of this potential into perfectly formed parcels of sonic architecture that may be revisited over and over: glorious castles sculpted from the air itself, carefully hewn and honed to the finest burnish, that truly come to life only when performers meet audiences in a collective contract of shared joy.

There are few better examples of this sublime communion than The Galileo Project presentation of Canada’s pre-eminent period music ensemble, Tafelmusik, which opens our 2012 season. This project was commissioned expressly to weave astronomy, mathematics, history and music together into a rich audio-visual tapestry that informs and enthrals as much as it entertains.

Chamber music arrives in more familiar form with the welcome return of Musica Viva’s most popular string quartet for the last three decades, the Takács Quartet, in phenomenal programs of Janáček, Britten, Ravel and Debussy. The St Lawrence String Quartet also makes a repeat appearance, this time accompanied by celebrated oboist, Australia’s own Diana Doherty.

The Kuss Quartet from Germany marks its Australian debut, joined by Principal Viola of the Berlin Philharmonic Naoko Shimizu, featuring monumental string quintets by Mozart and Brahms. Divine Parisian excellence arrives in the form of Trio Dali, three dazzling young soloists who are just beginning to impress the world with the exceptional quality of their ensemble performances.

Five remarkable singers from East Germany form the group Amarcord which provides our vocal virtuosity for the year in extraordinary, inventive programs called “The Singing Club” and “Murder and Other Situations”. The concert season comes to a classic close with the brilliant British violinist Anthony Marwood, together with Aleksandar Madzar, renowned pianist and sought-after artistic collaborator.

Our Featured Composer for 2012 will be Australia’s Gordon Kerry, who provides five exciting pillars of the program: a piano trio, a violin sonata, two string quartets and the world premiere of a newly commissioned string quintet. His compositions exemplify the view of classical music as exquisite gems – the work of a master craftsman who teases out the strongest elements of an idea to make a powerful whole supported by its own intricate finery.

Music can raise us to the sublime, or occasionally just elicit a chuckle. I wager that our selection for 2012 will cover at least that much territory.

Carl Vine
Artistic Director


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