Huntington Estate Music Festival – Day 2

Two concerts in and rain hasn’t dampened spirits at this year’s Huntington Estate Music Festival. Despite chill winds the candles and lanterns around the winery grounds and especially in the marquees have created a surprisingly cosy atmosphere to enjoy some lovely meals and wine.

Alice Giles

But of course music is the real reason we’re here. The Adelaide Chamber Singers opened last night’s concert singing Monteverdi and Alice Giles astonished not only playing but singing into her harp in the work that Eberhard wrote especially for her. Guy Johnston and Kristian Chong impressed in the Barber while Tom Meglioranza and Bernadette Harvey charmed us all in a bracket of songs entitled “Schoenberg and his wayward pupils.” To close the evening the Modigliani String Quartet made Mendelssohn’s string quartet op 80 their own.

Aroha String Quartet

This morning was an extra special concert featuring the world premiere of a new string quartet by Rosalind Page. The performance by the Australian String Quartet was riveting and the audience greeted Rosalind warmly afterwards. Alice Giles returned to the stage performing Britten, followed by Sophie Rowell and Caroline Almonte in the Australian premiere of three pieces by Richard Dubugnon. Caroline Almonte then took us on a journey with Liszt, before the Aroha String Quartet concluded with a masterly performance of Borodin.

There are plenty more exciting things in store for tonight, not least artists in conversation prior to the concert with Carl Vine, and a live broadcast on ABC Classic FM hosted by Emma Ayres, who arrived in Mudgee on her motorbike, dressed in her best yellow leathers. Tonight’s concert includes works by Bach, Vine, Ravel, Wolf and Koehne. We hope you can join us in person or on the radio!


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2 responses to “Huntington Estate Music Festival – Day 2”

  1. JohnofOz says :

    To the moment the conception and performance delivery have been exceptional, with one exception. Masterly performance of the Borodin? I think not. New Zealand has produced class in the past. The Tasman Quartet for example. (Are they still together?). I fear the Aloha were justifiably nervous in the company of Modigliani and the soon to be late lamented old ASQ. But they will have to work hard to establish credibility. I would suggest more time in the woodshed. I wish them well but fear they have been handed a bitter chalice here at the Huntington Festival.

  2. IStillGotMyGuitar (@GotMyGuitar) says :

    I love festivals and I really dig the videos and reviews on your site about different festies bands and things of the such. nice post. keep it up. Thanks. IStillGotMyGuitar

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