Sabine Meyer & Modigliani String Quartet arrive in Australia

Sabine Meyer and the Modigliani String Quartet landed in Australia yesterday. While Sabine arrived without a hitch, the poor Quartet arrived with only one suitcase and three sets of music between them! What should have been a complete rest day was slightly disrupted while the Quartet chased up their missing bags and Musica Viva staff chased down replacement music.

Today the Quartet and Sabine rehearse Ian Munro’s Clarinet Quintet with Ian himself. Tonight the Modigliani String Quartet perform at an exclusive fundraiser in Perth and tomorrow night is their first concert of their Musica Viva tour at the Perth Concert Hall.

The partnership between Sabine Meyer and the Modigliani String Quartet is a relatively new one, but they have performed together at a few concerts in Europe in the lead-up to this tour. Germany’s Mainpost had the following to say about the ensemble’s performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet:

“Violinists Philippe Bernhard and Loïc Rio, violist Laurent Marfaing and cellist François Kieffer with the exceptional clarinetist Sabine Meyer, bestowed a heartfelt, extensive interpretation on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet in A major KV581. With the charm of his inexhaustible melodic swelling, with the overwhelming sound balance between the five instruments, the clear, animated, never sentimental, seamless integration with Meyer’s heartwarming, natural, blossoming tone one experienced almost unforgivably beautiful music.”


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