Beethoven and the Zipper: The Astonishing Story of Musica Viva

Journalist and filmaker Suzanne Baker launched her book on the founder of Musica Viva earlier this week. The Sydney Morning Herald wrote:

The first Musica Viva ensemble, from left, Richard Goldner, Eddie Cockman, Robert Pikler and Theo Salzman

Beethoven and the Zipper: The Astonishing Story of Musica Viva recounts how the inventor and internationally renowned viola player Richard Goldner escaped Nazi persecution in Vienna and arrived in Australia as a designated enemy alien. After inventing a zipper for the Australian armed forces that would not stick in the mud, he was able to found Musica Viva, which has shaped appreciation for classical music since the ’40s. After a Herald article on the book by Steve Meacham, the wheels began turning for a film version. Producer Brian Rosen, a former head of the Film Finance Corporation, said it will be called Enemy Alien. “It’s a refugee story of great success,” he told The Diary. “We think it’s the next Shine.” Baker has her own place in Australian film history, having won an Oscar as producer of Bruce Petty’s short film Leisure in 1976.

More information about Beethoven and the Zipper can be found

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2 responses to “Beethoven and the Zipper: The Astonishing Story of Musica Viva”

  1. Erik Parris says :

    I would like to purchase a copy of ‘Beethoven and the Zipper’ however I will only pay for that book by way of a cheque. Please supply me with your ‘Snail Mail’ address so as I could arrange this possibility. Advise me of the total all up cost of sending the ‘Zipper’ book to Hobart Tasmania, when that information is at hand, I will post you my cheque. If the only way to receive this publication is by internet payments, then I am not at all interested.Thanks Erik Parris. Hobart.

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