Stephen Hough to perform Liszt’s B minor sonata in Australia

2011 marks the 200th anniversary of Liszt’s birth. Unsurprisingly then, Liszt has been popping up in concert programs around the world this year. Stephen Hough has marked the occasion with performances of Liszt’s Piano Concerto no 1 and the B minor Sonata. Hough performs the Sonata on his Australian tour and we’re looking forward to an inspiring performance.

“Hough is a pianist with virtuosity to spare, even when it comes to Liszt, and he put those spare pyrotechnics to good use here in supplying rare lightness, wit and musical depth.”
The Telegraph, September 2011

“Hough’s colossal power brought out the grandeur of Liszt’s single architectural span, while his crystalline figuration allowed every tiniest note to sing. At the same time, the intellectual rigour was tempered by an aura of fantasy… in defining Liszt’s genius so emphatically, [Hough] also proved his own.”
The Guardian, June 2011

“Not one to shrink from romantic excess, Hough pitched into Liszt’s thunderous cascades with almost frightening conviction. No hammering, though: his phrasing was poised, his touch supple enough to switch without strain to the limpid twinkles often required at a crotchet’s notice. The Liszt who made women faint could be found easily in the adagio, trembling with filigree decorations. But the multicoloured rampage soon resumed in a performance of tremendous power.”
The Times, January 2011


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