Carl Vine on the 2012 Season: Written in the Stars

When organising the photo shoots for the brochure of our upcoming 2012 International Concert Season, we asked the musicians to carry something small and red. Red is the ‘Musica Viva’ colour, so obviously it helps reinforce the brand, but it also represents warmth, confidence and vitality. (It also makes a terrifically useful, yet subtle, graphic device to tie together the wide diversity of musicians that make up the season). Red is also associated with love and hearts, which, disregarding Valentine’s Day, is not a hideous parallel to draw with high quality classical music.

2012 kicks off with Canada’s foremost Baroque ensemble. Tafelmusik splashes down in Australia for the first time ever with a streaming comet-tail of a concert: a memorable event brimming with projections of astronomers and asteroids, featuring history brought to life through the kaleidoscopic time machine of words and music.

A new constellation for the Musica Viva galaxy is Trio Dali – three dazzling young stars from France. Amarcord also make a debut appearance; a remarkable all-male ‘a cappella’ vocal group whose own stars destined them to sing together since childhood. The violinists of the Kuss Quartet likewise grew up side-by-side in music and have forged fierce intensity into their ensemble’s stellar sound. Heavenly musical twins Anthony Marwood and Aleksandar Madžar bring the concert year to a close, as a blazing Gemini violin and piano combination so perfectly matched you might wonder who, exactly, is playing what.

2012 also offers the mighty solar warmth of the Takács Quartet, four of this world’s greatest chamber musicians. ‘Mercurial’ better suits the St Lawrence String Quartet, young musicians renowned for their physical energy and vibrancy, perfectly matched in dynamism and excellence this year by one of Australia’s greatest musical treasures, oboist Diana Doherty.

You’ll be relieved to find I’ve exhausted, for now, all of the more obvious astronomical quips. But 2012 is going to be an astronomical year for Musica Viva, so I thought I could afford to put the telescope (if you’ll allow me just one more) under the microscope.

Carl Vine
Artistic Director


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