Concerto Copenhagen – harpsichords, recorders and volcanoes

Concerto Copenhagen returned to Melbourne on Friday, having been nearly stranded there earlier in the week due to the volcanic ash cloud hovering over Australia. We’ve heard from many in our Brisbane audience thanking us for ensuring the concert went ahead. One thing that impressed us, however, was the way in which the news was spread quickly and effectively on Twitter and Facebook across a wide spectrum of our audience!

Tonight the orchestra performs in Sydney – at the time of writing only a few tickets remain so it should be a great atmosphere. The members of the ensemble are all excellent musicians but there are a number of exquisite instruments on stage as well. Musica Viva’s own Bill Bright harpsichord will be used in the Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and Brisbane concerts (if you thought sending a double bass around the country was challenging, try moving a harpsichord!)

Some of Genevieve Lacey's recorders

Genevieve Lacey has also commissioned a brand new recorder from renowned Australian recorder maker Joanne Saunders, which is receiving its first outing on this tour. While instruments such as violins and cellos are said to improve with age, recorders, subject to moisture from the player’s breath and saliva, do not. Joanne, who has studied instrument-making both in Australia and overseas, crafts all her instruments by hand and has developed a close working relationship with Genevieve Lacey, for whom she has made a number of instruments. Joanne was recently featured on ABC Classic FM’s Music Makers program. Click here to listen to the program.


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2 responses to “Concerto Copenhagen – harpsichords, recorders and volcanoes”

  1. Danita Watupongoh says :

    🙂 still smiling after ,really….a beyond words evening last Tuesday at the MRC– this is my first go at using modern technology to read, hear and now give feedback– amazing…wow– yep, packing one’s harpsicord !!:-) would need more than a lot of bubble wrap!! the performance of all–the surrounds–gee, my friends –their first visit to our city’s new recital centre..they adored the ,we think two, or maybe the same recorder?? whatever the tech name–wow–Jane Gower……….wow:-) exciting and just….WOW:-) the whole complete music…theatrical, fun and …..after 100words here–:-) beyond words:-) will get round to looking thru the ace free ,detailed brochure– after my feet touch the ground:-) great night out– hope tommorrow– ‘same place, same time’ 🙂 is just as darn good:-) now–will see if this whatever u call my above note..hopefully not a twit– sends:-)
    Til Lykke!! 🙂

    • musicavivaaustralia says :

      Hi Danita,

      Thanks for your comment and apologies for the delay in submitting your post. Here in the Musica Viva offices we’re all busy putting the final touches on our 2012 season, to be unveiled in September this year.

      We’re so glad you enjoyed the concert and that you’ve taken the time to leave us a post. We hope to see you at another Musica Viva concert soon!

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