Congratulations to Ian Munro – winner of Bogan prize

Ian Munro – officially Bogan. Such was the news that went around the Musica Viva office last week. And while it’s tempting to make jokes about ugg boots and other cultural icons, we’re pleased to announce that Munro is in fact the winner of the Jean Bogan Prize for Piano Composition.

Funded by a bequest of $100,000 left to the University of Newcastle by Mr Laurence Charles Bogan in 2002, the prize recognises an original and outstanding solo composition by an Australian composer.

Munro was awarded the prize for his three piece suite Letter to a Friend, inspired by the poetry of Judith Wright.

Ian Munro is one of Australia’s most distinguished and awarded musicians, with a career that has taken him to thirty countries across the globe. As Musica Viva’s 2011 Featured Composer, his compositions have so far this year been performed by the Eggner Trio and Brentano String Quartet to much acclaim. Sabine Meyer and the Modigliani String Quartet will perform Munro’s Clarinet Quintet in November, while Ian will tour the country with the Goldner String Quartet in August giving the world premiere performances of his new Piano Quintet.

Carl Vine says of Ian: “Ian’s music speaks with a strong, engaging voice – fresh and natural with sophistication and wit reflecting the enormous width of his performing experience. Although his music is often technically demanding, it is also considerate of the players and immediately appealing to its audience.”

We congratulate Ian and look forward to hearing more of his work in our upcoming tours.

Watch the Brentano String Quartet perform the final movement of Ian Munro’s String Quartet no 1:


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