Musica Viva Festival in full swing!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already one and a half days into the Musica Viva Festival! The atmosphere at the Sydney Conservatorium has been full of excitement so far and the Festival Overture concert was very well received.

ABC Classic FM’s dedicated Festival digital channel, ABC Musica Viva, has now gone live, and the digital radio live in the Conservatorium foyer has already become a talking point, especially amongst AYO Chamber Players students excited to hear their concert on the radio.

You can listen to ABC Musica Viva and watch and listen to loads of interviews with Festival musicians, AYO Chamber Players and more, by clicking here.

For a taste of what you can find online, here’s an interview with Christoph Eggner about last night’s Festival Overture concert:

Festival Overture – Eggner Trio from Musica Viva Online Video Talks on Vimeo.


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2 responses to “Musica Viva Festival in full swing!”

  1. Anthony Taylor says :

    Then festival has been great. It’s particularly exciting to see the young AYO rising stars giving their all. I am off to the Bartok cycle next, which should be something special.

    My only criticism would be that the talk on great pianists was pedestrian and I think that both Chopin and Liszt deserved better than clips of two B grade Hollywood movies being used to make points about them. The Ken Russell film Lisztomania was particularly silly. It portrayed Liszt as a 19th century Liberace, which is a colossal insult to Liszt, who was unquestionably a genius and a generous spirit. I am disappointed that a Sydney university musicologist would misrepresent Liszt in this way.

    I am not anti-movies — Russell’s Music Lovers is remarkably effective — but reducing Liszt to a caricature is a weird thing to do at a university.

    Oh well, one dud amongst otherwise fine presentations.

    • musicavivaaustralia says :

      Many thanks for your comment, Anthony. We always appreciate honest feedback.

      What a shame that you didn’t enjoy the talk on Chopin and Liszt. Musica Viva’s audience has a wide range of knowledge and experience and it can be difficult to know at what level to pitch these kind of talks. Nevertheless we will certainly bear your comments in mind for future events.

      We’re glad you enjoyed the AYO Rising Stars concerts and hope you enjoyed the Takacs Quartet’s Bartok Cycle as much as we did.

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