Interviews with the Eggner Trio and Pekka Kuusisto

Do great musical minds think alike? Ahead of their appearances in the Musica Viva Festival, violinist Pekka Kuusisto and pianist Christoph Eggner (of the Eggner Trio) ask each other the big questions: about influences, improvising, chamber music, and the merits of Tasmanian oysters vs Viennese schnitzel. To re ead the results in Limelight Magazine, click here.

Watch an interview with the Eggner Trio in the lead up to their current tour:

Watch an interview with Pekka Kuusisto in the lead-up to his Festival appearance:


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One response to “Interviews with the Eggner Trio and Pekka Kuusisto”

  1. Joanne says :

    You guys are great – listen to you every day!

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