Ask the Eggner Trio about their generous side on Twitter

The Eggner Trio returns to Australia today and are no doubt looking forward to a well earned rest after their busy New Zealand tour. While there, the Trio displayed its philanthropic side, performing a concert at a private house in Wellington to raise money for the Christchurch earthquake relief fund. The Trio will continue on this bent in Australia, donating half their Brisbane concert fee towards music education and resources to schools affected by the flooding in Brisbane and cyclone in Northern Queensland.

To kickstart this tour, Musica Viva will hold another “Ask The Artist” Twitter event on Friday 1 April at 12 noon AEDT. What’s it like working with your brothers? What music do they listen to when not performing? Ask the Eggner Trio a question or follow the conversation via Twitter, but don’t forget to use the hashtag #asktheartist. You can also post a question on this blog, and we’ll let you know when the podcast goes online.

For now, though, we’d like to leave you with some words from New Zealand critic and Middle C blogger Peter Mechen on the Eggner Trio’s Wellington concert:

“[R]ight from the first few phrases of the opening work on the program one got a sense of total engagement from the participants with both music and their interaction… the trio’s demonstration of individual impulse brought together in a unified flow brilliantly exemplified that particular joy of interactive music-making which can make chamber music so rewarding an experience…. I truly felt that this was music-making that didn’t get much better, anywhere.”

(Read the full review here.)


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