Scholl, Eggners, Festivals – it’s all happening!

While Andreas Scholl enjoys the heat in Perth today, a few people at the Musica Viva Sydney Office were surprised to realise that the Eggner Trio touched down in Sydney airport today – on their way to New Zealand. The Trio will perform several concerts there for Musica Viva’s sister organisation, Chamber Music New Zealand before beginning their Australian tour. Sadly, Chamber Music New Zealand’s Christchurch concert had to be cancelled due to damage to the concert venue. While this is a shame, CEO Euan Murdoch is looking to the future, saying “music is one of the ways that the healing can begin and we are determined to pick up the pieces for the remainder of our concert season.”

Andreas Scholl’s tour has been full of excitement of a different kind. Melbourne audiences were excited to get a glimpse of Cecilia Bartoli, who had come to hear her friend and colleague Andreas in recital. In Sydney on Saturday the Angel Place Function Room was full to capacity with people eager to listen to Andreas Scholl in conversation with Carl Vine. And on Thursday, a privileged handful of students from the Melbourne Conservatorium will participate in a masterclass with Andreas.

While many people will be looking forward to the 2011 Musica Viva Festival (only 44 days to go!) the ABC is looking back to the 2010 Huntington Estate Music Festival, with broadcasts of last year’s concert through to April. With tickets now on sale for the 2011 Festival, what a great way to relive the memories.


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