Am I allowed to applaud, yes or no? – Andreas Scholl on concert etiquette

It’s still several weeks before the first tour of Musica Viva’s 2011 International Concert Season, but already the office is buzzing with activity. As final touches are put on Andreas Scholl’s March tour with Tamar Halperin, Tommie Andersson and Daniel Yeadon, staff are also looking ahead to later tours, including the Eggner Trio and the Brentano String Quartet, as well as the Musica Viva Festival, taking place in Sydney in April. (Not to mention Carl Vine, who is looking even further ahead – to Musica Viva’s 2013 and 2014 seasons!)

While regular concert-goers are probably looking forward to the first concert of the year, newer concert goers may not know what to expect. According to Andreas Scholl, many people are intimidated at the thought of going to a concert because they don’t know the conventions. “Oh my God, if I go to the Konzerthaus Berlin, I will be the only moron… everybody else is an expert, they behave like experts. I don’t know when to applaud. Am I allowed to applaud, yes or no?” Andreas laughs that many of these perceived experts are themselves just pretending, and praises the approach of organizations like Musica Viva that try to explain what to expect at a concert through websites and other media. “When I saw this, I thought, YES, this is how we need to approach the audience – maybe create a completely different music scene.”

The apprehension of new audience members aside, Andreas is very fond of Australia and can’t wait to return. “I have to say that there’s a wonderful spirit in Australia – I can’t speak for the entire country but I’ve been in Sydney so many times now, and the concert audience – it’s less pompous, less pretentious, and I enjoy that a lot.”


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