Atos Trio arrives in Sydney, praised for “deep sense of teamwork”

After well attended and well received concerts in Brisbane and Canberra this week, the Atos Trio heads to Sydney today. They will give masterclasses at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for both secondary and tertiary students, while tomorrow they will perform Stanhope, Brahms and Schubert at the City Recital Hall Angel Place.

We’re pleased that the Trio has been living up to its 2007 Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition success and has been receiving plenty of positive reviews, including this one from the Herald Sun’s Anna McAlister:

“WHEN Berlin’s Atos Piano Trio won the 2007 Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition they scored the overall prize, the audience prize and others too. Technical mastery, polished interpretations and a deep sense of teamwork put them in a league all their own.

Atos’s Musica Viva tour part of their MICMC winnings sees them on yet another level. Their technique and ensemble skills are honed and they’ve strengthened in assuredness and maturity.

They are following the well-trodden classical piano trio path, albeit brilliantly. On Saturday, Australian composer Paul Stanhope’s Piano Trio Dolcissimo Uscignolo (2007) made effective and flattering use of all three instruments. Atos realized colours, contrasts and effects vividly.

They brought a rich intensity to Brahms’ Piano Trio No.3. Violinist Annette von Hehn and cellist Stefan Heinemeyer showed deep musical compatibility. Thomas Hoppe’s piano balanced his colleagues perfectly.

Schubert’s Piano Trio No.1 bad wonderfully detailed phrase shapes and emotional nuance.

The encore was the vivacious finale to Haydn’s A major Piano Trio. Played very fast and very tight, it raised many a smile.”


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