Introducing: the Atos Trio. Touring Australia in November.

“It’s important that we breathe together,that we phrase together, that we sound like an ensemble and not three soloists playing together.” Annette von Hehn, violin

Thomas Hoppe, piano
Annette von Hehn, violin
Stefan Heinemeyer, cello

Watching the Atos Trio in conversation is like watching them play music. There is a physical ease between them, an unfussy closeness, coupled with an endearing capacity to spark off each other’s humour. And there is respect.

Small wonder that this ensemble, formed in 2003, has garnered swathes of rave reviews and competition awards. In 2007 it won a record four prizes at the 5th Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition, in addition to the Kalichstein-Laredo- Robinson International Trio Award, the United States foremost distinction for piano trios.

Although all born in Germany, the Trio’s members bring very diverse backgrounds to the group. “We have all kinds of different influences from different countries and different teachers, and from each of them we take something… that gives us a lot of colours and ideas,” says von Hehn.

The Trio’s performances evince unbounded joy in playing together and internal relationships rich with musical potential. “We always sit down and think about it – is it really good?… Can we put even more emotions and more work and more love into the music?” says Heinemeyer. “You put all this into the music and this sparkle springs to the public.”


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