Alina Ibragimova & Cedric Tiberghien head to Bathurst, Coffs Harbour, Armidale

Alina and Cedric’s capital city concerts have finished with a superb performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre last night, and they now head off to perform a series of concerts in regional NSW before heading back to Europe for separate engagements. We’ve been delighted with their performances and would like to share a final review by the Adelaide Advertiser’s Stephen Whittington.

“Alina Ibragimova is a violinist who is not afraid to play softly… Her approach certainly created an evocative impression in Janacek’s Violin Sonata. By daring to play extremely softly, she draws the audience into the music rather than bludgeoning them into submission – quite appropriate, given the very personal and intimate nature of Janacek’s music… As Musica Viva continues its Featured Composer program, it was Paul Stanhope’s Agnus Del (After the Fire) which occupied the contemporary music slot in this concert. A work clearly imbued by a lot of emotion, it was performed with conviction and intensity.

The inevitable work of Robert Schumann concluded the program. Ibragimova and Tiberghien threw themselves into this performance with passion and youthful energy. The vigorous scherzo was delightful.”


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2 responses to “Alina Ibragimova & Cedric Tiberghien head to Bathurst, Coffs Harbour, Armidale”

  1. Paul Stuyck says :

    We may espect much more in the decades to come..
    Everywhere they come they receive much critical acclaim.

  2. musicavivaaustralia says :

    Thanks Paul. They are indeed two incredible young musicians and we look forward to hearing great things and maintaining a close relationship with both Alina and Cedric.

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