Listen again to the Pavel Haas Quartet

Do you want to relive the Pavel Haas Quartet’s performance? Did you miss the Quartet’s concert? Do you want to let your friends and family experience the concert for themselves? Until 18 August you can listen to the Quartet’s performance online at ABC Classic FM. Click here.

Audiences and critics alike have especially been commenting on the Quartet’s performances of Paul Stanhope’s new String Quartet no 2. The West Australian’s Neville Cohn called it “an impressive addition to Australian chamber music,” while the Australian’s Murray Black acknowledged it as “a hugely accomplished work and a significant addition to Australia’s impressive string quartet oeuvre.”

Despite such praise, life isn’t always easy for contemporary composers, as highlighted by Roger Broadfield’s anecdote in the West Australian:

“The West’s fearless books editor William Yeoman is a cultural chap. So it was no surprise that, on Tuesday night, he was at the Concert Hall for a fine concert. Waiting with anticipation for the Pavel Haas Quartet to take the stage, a chap in a nearby seat was rabbiting on about how we weren’t getting to hear [Pavel Haas’] second string quartet… which, he said, ‘had been played in the east’. The boorish chap then went on to say to all and sundry, ‘I’d rather have had that on the program than Paul Stanhope’s piece. Oh well, at least it looks mercifully short,’ he moaned. At which point the guy sitting next to him turned, proffered his hand, and said: ‘Hi, I’m Paul Stanhope.’ Gotcha.”


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