Quartet heads west

Now on the home stretch of their tour the Pavel Haas Quartet have spent the past week in a very warm and sunny Perth.

While the group have been in Australia once before, this was their first visit to Perth, and both the Quartet and the Perth audience were happy with their first meeting.

After playing a wonderful concert to a very appreciative Perth audience, the group spent a day in the sun on beautiful Cottesloe beach, and ahead of Manly, Bondi and Coffs Harbour the group thought it was “the most beautiful beach so far”.

While their tour schedule has been very busy, the young musicians maintain their energy and happy approach to performing for which they are so well known.
“We are used to travelling and long flights, so it is ok” says Pavel.

The four musicians play with such connection to each other it is quite amazing to watch. First violinist Veronika leads the group, with all four communicating through eye contact and facial expression throughout their performance.

After a day at the beach, Pavel said he felt especially energetic while he was playing in Perth, across the stage Eva could not help but notice this “as I was playing I kept seeing Pavel, he looked so energetic, and I though, oh I better keep up he is playing so vigorously” she laughed.

When the group are not on tour, they still practice everyday according to Peter. “We did not go into performing to have weekends and holidays, we practice for around 5 hours everyday, unless we are too tired one day and then we may take a day off”, so a busy schedule is nothing unusual.

The group have one month a year, where they take their personal holidays. This is the only time throughout the year where the four don’t see each other every day – except for Veronika and Peter of course (who are married), they are almost never apart, which they both seem very happy about.
“We have been together since we were 16, I have now lived more of my life with her than without her, I like that” says Peter.

Now on their way back east for their remaining concerts in Melbourne, Bendigo and Hobart the Quartet are loving Australia, and judging by the audiences this love is reciprocated.

Pavel has even found his dream car in his travels around the country, an original VW ‘Combi’ van, which he would like to own one day.

copywright Marco Borggreve


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