“The most beautiful prison in the music world”

“What I like about quartet life is that every day is different. I love the music of course, and the public. If an old lady comes and says that we make her happy, it’s the most beautiful thing for me.” Veronika Jaruskova, violin

Veronika Jaruskova, violin
Eva Karova, violin
Pavel Nikl, viola
Peter Jarusek, cello

Pavel Haas Quartet, State Opera House, Prague

It was because of her husband, whom she met at the age of 16, that violinist Veronika Jaruskova founded the Pavel Haas Quartet. “I went to concerts of the Skampa Quartet, of which Peter was a member, and completely fell in love with the quartet repertoire.”

Jaruskova formed the Quartet in 2002, luring her cellist husband to join soon after. United in its love for Pavel Haas’ music, the Quartet decided, with the blessing of the composer’s daughter, to adopt the Czech composer’s name, to remedy his comparative obscurity.

Haas, who was imprisoned in Theresienstadt in 1941 and murdered three years later at Auschwitz, left a legacy of marvellous compositions including three wonderful quartets, the second of which will be performed on this tour. “I think his music is very original – it’s very difficult to say who is like Pavel Haas,” says Pavel Nikl.

With wins in both the Paolo Borciani Competition in Italy and the Prague Spring Competition, these BBC New Generation Artists have performed in the world’s most prestigious concert halls, receiving great acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

“I once asked Milan Skampa to teach me how to build a quartet, how to live the life of a quartet. He said ‘It’s the most beautiful prison in the music world,'” says Jaruskova.


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