From Paul Lewis to the Pavel Haas Quartet in a single bound

It’s hard to believe that Paul Lewis only left the country last Sunday and the Pavel Haas Quartet will be arriving this Sunday!

We’re very excited about this tour, here at the Musica Viva office. After the Quartet’s appearance at the 2008 Huntington Estate Music Festival, Carl Vine remarked that the group is tight, inventive, energetic and utterly convincing. The Quartet’s star has continued to rise since then, with Gramophone Magazine recently suggesting they “just might be the most exciting string quartet in the world.”

The Pavel Haas Quartet received rave reviews for their concert at the Mozarteum Salzburg in April. Drehpunkt Kultur commented that “The young Czech Pavel Haas Quartet is already regarded as one of today’s top string quartets, which is hardly surprising when so much joy at making music meets so much precision, brilliance and creative power… What made the interpretation truly extraordinary was the powerful and exact nuancing while at the same time avoiding any sentimentality. There is no way you could play Dvorak in a better or more harmonious manner.”

The Quartet takes its name from the Czech composer Pavel Haas (1899-1944) who was imprisoned at Theresienstadt in 1941 and tragically died at Auschwitz three years later. His legacy includes three wonderful string quartets, the second of which will be performed on this tour.

For now, though, we’ll leave the last word on the Quartet to Artistic Director Carl Vine:


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