Paul Lewis’ Beethoven is ‘revelatory’ – The Age

Paul Lewis performed another successful concert in Canberra last night, and even found time to talk to Louise Maher on 666 ABC Canberra in the afternoon. Paul travels to Melbourne this afternoon and has a rare afternoon off before his last concert tomorrow at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

The Age reviewer Clive O’Connell was certainly impressed by Paul’s Waldstein Sonata, writing:

“[T]he Beethoven sonata was revelatory, as carefully woven as you would wish, its technical virtuosity integrated with the pianist’s interpretation. The fluent tempo approach in the first movement’s opening prefaced a subtle reading, not the mindless clatter that usually eventuates, while Lewis’ entire finale demonstrated almost impeccable articulation and finely judged construction.”

Beethoven at the piano

Paul will participate in a post-concert Q&A with the audience, hosted by Emma Ayres. These have proved well worth attending throughout the tour and revealed many interesting things about our guest pianist. For example, according to Paul many classical musicians don’t listen to classical music in their downtime as it is too closely associated with their work. For his own part, Paul doesn’t mind listening to a little rap in his free time. Who’d have guessed?


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