Paul Lewis – pick of the week!

Paul Lewis’ upcoming Melbourne concerts have been named Pick of the Week in the Weekend Australian. Given the feedback we’ve been receiving this should hardly come as a surprise. Paul’s Newcastle concert was again well received, the Newcastle auditorium’s acoustic suiting Paul’s interpretation of the Waldstein sonata particularly well.

Meanwhile Paul’s Schumann obviously impressed the Adelaide Advertiser’s Stephen Wittington, who writes:

“Certain passages in the piano repertoire have sufficient notoriety to strike fear into the hearts of pianists. One such passage lies at the end of the second movement of Schumann’s magnificent Fantasy in C major.

The death-defying leaps have caused many to come unstuck and deterred still more from attempting the piece. Paul Lewis scores 10/10 for the fearless manner in which he tackled this passage and 9 1/2 /10 for the accuracy of the result. This was marvellous piano playing, full of colour, passion and energy that perfectly accorded with the youthful, impetuous romanticism of the music.

Schumann’s radical revision of classical form was a world away from Mozart’s sombre Adagio in B minor, in which the composer constrained his darkest thoughts within a perfectly proportioned classical design. Lewis portrayed the pathos of this haunting work superbly.”

Tonight, Paul performs at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney, and will take part in a Q&A with the audience after the concert, hosted by Musica Viva’s own Carl Vine.


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