Paul Lewis, from Perth to Adelaide

Paul Lewis travels to Adelaide today, after a successful concert in Perth overnight. For those who would like to hear Paul perform once again, or for anyone unable to make the concert themselves, you can now access Paul’s Saturday concert online thanks to ABC Classic FM. Click here to listen to the concert.

And a little piece of trivia, continuing on the theme of “What musicians do on tour”: Paul Lewis enjoyed a meal at Tetsuya’s on the weekend, having made a special request with Musica Viva’s Operations team to make him a booking many months ago!


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2 responses to “Paul Lewis, from Perth to Adelaide”

  1. villabourani says :

    Wow, I bet that was a good concert! I’ve been listening to his recent recordings of the Concertos which are great. I’ve written a post on my blog, which also contains links to youtube footage of his performance of the 4th Concerto at the Proms.


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