Flair for illuminating the architecture of classical form – Paul Lewis reviewed in The Australian

Paul Lewis’ tour is well underway with great responses from audiences in both Brisbane and Coffs Harbour. Many people commented how much they enjoyed Paul’s interpretations but interestingly, everyone had a different favourite, a mark of the way Paul’s individual musicianship resonates with people.

Gillian Wills wrote in the Australian:

“A brilliant colourist, Lewis created a fresh voice of different tints and hues for every work in this recital. Another striking feature was Lewis’s flair for illuminating the architecture of classical form.

His performance of Mozart’s Adagio in B minor was overly restrained for some tastes. But the plaintive spirit, confessional quality, luxurious spaciousness and the feeling that the exquisitely lyrical phrasing was balanced precariously on the edge of a cavernous drop made a strong impression.

[In] Schumann’s Fantasy in C… Lewis’s control and capacity to shape, characterise and sustain every line with luminous tone was extraordinary, as was his ability to weave the various tuneful threads into a coherent aural tapestry.

Evidently Lewis’s brilliance in creating a knuckle-biting intensity shines most brightly in works where meaning is ultimately contained within the music’s form… This imaginative, idiosyncratic reading [of Beethoven’s Waldstein sonata] that successfully juxtaposed fierceness with superb structural control will be long remembered for its shimmering power and limpid melodic detailing.”

Read the full review here.

Tomorrow Paul performs at City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney. Don’t miss the live broadcast on ABC Classic FM from 1.30pm.


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