What Paul Lewis brings to Musica Viva’s 2010 International Concert Season

Paul Lewis

As Paul Lewis touches down in Australia today (fresh from his own Midsummer Music Festival in Buckinghamshire, might we add!), it’s worth reflecting on what Paul brings to Musica Viva’s 2010 International Concert Season.

Paul is a stunning performer with a proven track record with audiences and an uncanny ability to surprise and astound at every turn. According to Carl Vine, “Paul Lewis is not simply an inspiring performer, but a story-teller of vision and invention.” Paul is an understated performer who still manages to convey the most sublime humanity without pretence or showiness. The Herald, Scotland, recently praised Paul for a performance of “subtle intellectual command, sparkling character, and penetrating wit.”

Paul creates beautifully devised program concepts that readily translate into real-world experiences of quality, diversity, challenge and joy. His repertoire is chosen thoughtfully and lovingly, and conceived as a full program-wide experience that is both emotional and musical. Paul says, “I want to try to convey what I love about the music, and in a way, whatever journey that entails, if anybody wants to come along, that’s great.”

To quote Carl Vine once more:

“Paul Lewis’ concerts this year explore music by four composers: Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann and Liszt, covering a fascinating 50 years of music history in which the Classical period of the late eighteenth century merges into the Romantic of the nineteenth. The Adagio in B minor from Mozart’s final years is a classical work with ‘Romantic’ emotional intensity. Its darkness explodes into Schumann’s evocative Fantasie, that the composer himself described as his most passionate composition. Liszt’s Vallée d’Obermann is a work of soulful introspection depicting a troubled man seeking solace, which leads inexorably to what Paul considers the ‘blazing light of dawn’ in Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata.”

We look forward to taking you along on Paul Lewis’ journey.


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