Paul Lewis program: Liszt Vallee d’Obermann, introduced by Angela Turner


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3 responses to “Paul Lewis program: Liszt Vallee d’Obermann, introduced by Angela Turner”

  1. Stephanie says :

    Interesting! Wish you posted the complete analysis. Thanks

  2. Paul DiDario says :

    I find Ms. Turner’s analysis both entertaining and illuminating. Does she have a site where more of these videos might be available in a fuller version?

    I am a concert pianist myself and thoroughly enjoy her insights into the music.

    Thank you, Ms. Turner, for your scholarship and willingness to share your knowledge in this unique way. You might consider making these into dvd format for commercial sale to universities and individuals like myself who would be very interested to have such programs as part of our libraries.

  3. musicavivaaustralia says :

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comments, we’re glad you enjoyed Angela’s videos. These videos were commissioned by Musica Viva Australia in order to introduce our audiences to our concert programs.

    Feel free to visit our website or our Vimeo Channel and check out the Concert Insights section for more information on a range of works and performers.

    And stay tuned, there’s more Concert Insights videos to come with the start of our 2011 International Concerts Season in March!

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