“Nearly as much a theatrical coup as a musical exploration”

The Harp Consort’s tour is nearing an end with the ensemble heading to Sydney today after another great concert in Adelaide last night. Tomorrow at 1.30pm the group performs their final concert of this tour at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place, with a slightly different program to their earlier Sydney concert.

We continue to receive positive feedback, and a special thanks to those who have left comments on this blog! A few more reviews are posted below:

“This exuberant sextet directed by Andrew Lawrence-King, played, sang and danced its way through a mesmerising program focusing on the life and times of the blind harpist and poet Toirdhealbhach O Cearbhallain (Turlough O’Carolan to non-Gaelic speakers) (1670-1738) in an event which was cumulatively nearly as much a theatrical coup as a musical exploration. Perhaps the highlight was The Arethusa, where dancer Steven Player fought an entire sea battle on his own, even to the extent of punching himself in the face. Vocalist Catriona O’Leary was also a joy.”
The North Shore Times

“O’Leary’s performance of Susy Kelly both conveyed the sensuality of the words and an almost religious sound, a faithful rendition of what seemed a medieval ballad. It was followed by an interlude of great sweetness… Also appreciated was the next set: Ian Harrison’s almost hypnotic rendition of the rather strange Bridget Cruise, the beautiful tiny cymbals and the hilarious ‘bird song’… The Harp Consort comprises musicians who are masters of their craft, with their mix of versatility and scholarship their unique attractions.”
Suzanne Yanko, Arts Hub


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