What do musicians do on tour?

What exactly do musicians do when on tour? Well of course there are performances, rehearsals, masterclasses, interviews and lots of traveling, but on the odd rest days they certainly manage to keep themselves occupied. Here’s some of the things the group has been getting up to in Australia.

Andrew, Ian and Michael have all been going for long runs, and Michael in particular has been going to the beach at every opportunity.

Michael Metzler

Steven enjoys strolling through the city in search of shoes and hats, and Ian has found German friends in nearly every city! Caitriona has been enjoying brunches at local establishments, and has taken Melbourne’s laneways to heart. Susanne, like Steve, has gone on lots of city walks, with Perth a special favourite, reminding her in some ways of Germany.

Tonight the Consort performs in Adelaide, before returning to Sydney for the final concert of their tour.


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2 responses to “What do musicians do on tour?”

  1. AdrianB says :

    Thank you to the Harp Consort and Musica Viva for an excellent and engaging performance last night in Adelaide. It was an utter joy to experience. I am honoured to have been taken on such wonderful journey. There was even plenty of ‘craic’!

    Is there any further information on the wind instruments used during the performance? What was the reedless long horn-like instrument (not the shawm-like one)?


  2. musicavivaaustralia says :

    Thanks for your comment, Adrian, we’re glad you enjoyed the show!

    The instrument you’re referring to is the cornetto – an early cross between an oboe and a trumpet – it has a mouthpiece similar to those used in brass instruments, with a body constructed like a woodwind instrument. Ian Harrisson says it’s quite difficult to play but he loves it because it’s so expressive.

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