More than musical knowledge

Steven Player

I’ve heard it said that to be a successful harp player you need to be more than just a musician, you need to be a furniture removalist, an instrument tuner and many other things besides. And now it appears it helps to know a little about cars as well. After a leisurely dinner at Sammy’s Kitchen last night, the Harp Consort climbed back into the van that had been rented to transport them around Canberra only to discover the van wouldn’t start. Upon further inspection the musicians declared that as the lights were still working, it must be the starter engine at fault. Taxis were called to get the group back to their hotel and it was left to Musica Viva’s tour manager to find a replacement vehicle.

This minor setback aside, the tour continues to go well. On Tuesday night the Melbourne Recital Centre’s accoustic worked especially well for the group and Caitriona again held the audience spellbound. Steve Player’s dancing kept the audience on the edge of their seats, not least because of the slipperiness of the stage. Steve did lose his footing once, but recovered well. Hopefully Llewellyn Hall will be less perilous…


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